Adolf Hitler's Childhood - 1889

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The life of the man whose greed for power killed about 50 million people started on 20 April 1889 at 18.30 in Braunau am Inn, a small town at the Austro-Hungarian border, where his father Alois Hitler served as customs officer.
Adolf Hitler finished a five-year primary school in Linz. His favourite game was "Cowboys and Indians" and Adolf Hitler liked Karl May's novels about Old Shatterhand.
As a young boy, Adolf Hitler already expressed his love for painting, especially for sketching buildings, and his interest in nationalism, which was quite common among the Austrians living at the border who often devoted their loyalty not to the Habsburg Monarchy, but to the German House of Hohenzollern and Prince Wilhelm.
He lived in a boarding school in Styria for a while. In 1907 he moved to Vienna where he made his living by selling his paintings and drawings and designing posters and advertisements.
Adolf Hitler made two attempts to enrol in the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna, but failed both times. This was a very bitter pill for him to swallow. In the same year, Adolf Hitler's beloved mother Klara Hitler died, and, coincidentally or not, the doctor who could not save her was Jewish.
Alois Hitler
Klara Hitler

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