YouTube Video of Marco Simoncelli's crash, MotoGP, Sepang

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Marco Simoncelli has died in terrible crash at the Malaysian MotoGP in Sepang

The crash of Marco Simoncelli happened on lap two when Simoncelli's bike veered across the track at turn 11 into the path of Colin Edwards and Valentino Rossi.
Marco Simoncell died immediately.

Watch the crash video of Marco Simoncelli again from different viewing angle.

The crash happened one week after Indianapolis crash, where Dan Wheldon was killed in the IndyCar finale at the Las Vegas. Marco Simoncelli, or ‘Super Sic' as some called him, was future MotoGP world champion, as many people predicted.

Simoncelli dropped from stretcher.

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John   (Unregistered) ( 909 days ago )
John avatar R.I.P. for Marco Simoncelli. YouTube crash video that he would make it if Colin Edwards had not drove into his neck. It is really horrible!!
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Dorna   (Unregistered) ( 908 days ago )
Iain   (Unregistered) ( 908 days ago )
Iain avatar John, did you watch the video? Edwards had no chance of avoiding him, Simoncelli was already off when he went in front of Edwards and Edwards had no way of avoiding the impact. Very sad, but that's racing sometimes. RIP Marco, Edwards, therse things happen, don't be hard on yourself.
John   (Unregistered) ( 908 days ago )
John avatar Yes lain. You are right. Accident was unavoidable and Edwards was not guilty of anythink. R.I.P. Marco
Jeff   (Unregistered) ( 908 days ago )
Jeff avatar Horrible, horrible accident. I feel for Simoncellis family, and also for Edwards, he must be feeling terribly guilty, even though it was completely unavoidable.
jp   (Unregistered) ( 908 days ago )
jp avatar john just think a bit about what you said... do you ride a motorcycle? Edwards reaction to a bike in trouble on his left in a right hand corner was textbook correct.. to put your own bike into oversteer in that situation is to risk your own wellbeing.. to react in a fraction of a second as he (and Rossi) did to a tumbling bike in that situation is what you should expect of the finest motorcycle riders in the world, and they did the best they could in an appauling situation
Sad and sorry   (Unregistered) ( 908 days ago )
Sad and sorry avatar jp, he could of stood it up.
Damien   (Unregistered) ( 908 days ago )
Damien avatar Who is this dickhead, as if those guys do not feel bad enough they have some wanker talking this shit on the net. WAKE UP TO YOURSELF
andy c   (Unregistered) ( 908 days ago )
andy c avatar These are the sad things we dont want to see happen but in a high and fast speed sport these are the risks .why do riders and drivers go back to the sport after a bad accident? It is because the love what they do and the sport. Our thoughts are with all the families at this very sad time.The world has lost a great sportsman and a would be future champion. God bless Marco may you rest in peace forever .R.I.P
Hlondo   (Unregistered) ( 908 days ago )
Hlondo avatar i'm scared....God bless Marco....rest in peace forever.
Keith   (Unregistered) ( 908 days ago )
Keith avatar RIP Marco Simoncelli. My thoughts are with his friends and family and all those involved in this unavoidable accident. Colin Edwards has a lot to come to terms with even though he was not at fault.
leighton   (Unregistered) ( 908 days ago )
leighton avatar what atragic accident gives me goose bumps hasnt sunk in rip morco nothing colin could of done
chewster   (Unregistered) ( 907 days ago )
chewster avatar Edwards contacted Simoncelli in the hip and mid-section. Rossi ran over the neck and head of Simoncelli. New photos shown from the front reveal. RIP Marco.
James   (Unregistered) ( 907 days ago )
James avatar A very sad day for Motorsport indeed, thoughts go out to the Simoncelli family and to Rossi and Edwards too. Can't imagine how terrible they feel right now even though they can't be blamed. Can't help wondering what caused him to be so out of shape though.
yve   (Unregistered) ( 907 days ago )
yve avatar I can't believe this happened nobody could have avoided that they must be gutted I am sorry for them all.
D Hanson   (Unregistered) ( 907 days ago )
D Hanson avatar James, initially Marco tucked the front end, typically when that happens you just slide out and off the coarse. Marco tried to save it and the front end regained grip and shot him back into the track and the racing line. Ben Spies was commentating in the booth and said that corner is about a 140km turm (close to 90mph), Edwards and Rossi had no where to go as marco careened back in front of them, ANYONE that thinks different is a complete A**HOLE, sad day for Moto-GP and the rest of the motorsports world. RIP #58
NYOMAN, BALI - INDONESIA   (Unregistered) ( 907 days ago )
NYOMAN, BALI - INDONESIA avatar i am very,very sad .....my hero. we are losing the real MOTOGP fighter.RIP#58. We always remember you forever,
Mick Kiters   (Unregistered) ( 906 days ago )
Mick  Kiters  avatar What a very sad loss of an excellent rider Marco 58 so sorry for all his family @ this sad time, we will all miss him
Jamey   (Unregistered) ( 906 days ago )
Jamey avatar Lost a friend like this myself on the WERA circuit years ago.. i feel for his family .. and for those involved in the crash.. although unavoidable.. it is very hard on the other racers involved... again,, god bless all those involved, and if there is any peace in a situation like this.. remember, the young man died doing what he loved.. may we all be so lucky.
Wayne   (Unregistered) ( 906 days ago )
Wayne avatar Very sad loss to motorsport such a waste of life throughts go out to the Simoncelli family , Edwards & Rossi R. I .P
Adam T   (Unregistered) ( 906 days ago )
Adam T avatar My wife and i will miss you marco..........your legend will live on bud

# 58
Tim   (Unregistered) ( 905 days ago )
Tim avatar Marco hit the paint stripe and lost the front and slid wide then his bike regained traction and cut back to the right into the racing line. Colin hit his body and Valentino his neck and head. there was nothing they could do. god bless them all it was a terrible accident
rocker siva   (Unregistered) ( 905 days ago )
rocker siva avatar so sad ....
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lou diamond   (Unregistered) ( 905 days ago )
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jm   (Unregistered) ( 904 days ago )
y   (Unregistered) ( 904 days ago )
y avatar why do you think edwards should be at the funeral. Do you think simoncelli's family would have wanted that or would edwards feel at ease at the funeral. what colin edwards does or any one else in these tragedies is personal and private, leave him alone. RIP MARCO
callum   (Unregistered) ( 901 days ago )
callum avatar rip marco. the future of moto gp is lost and i feel for his family
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Livvy   (Unregistered) ( 888 days ago )
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