Adolf Hitler Leadership Style vs Modern Leaders Style

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Very few people these days are unaware of Adolf Hitler and the Holocaust he caused for Jews, homosexuals, and any other minority race in Germany. Most are well aware that he was an extremely charismatic man who could fill those who followed him with fire and passion, as can be seen by video of his addresses to the public. Adolf Hitler was also a very controlling man, involved in every aspect of the war he started, from the politics to the military he was the absolute power and no one but him had the final word.

In 1919 Adolf Hitler joined a political party, the Deutsche Arbeiterparte (or DAP) which would later be known as the Nazi Party, and within a few years became the leader of the party. His rise to the top of the party came from his abilities of speech, his charisma and ability to manipulate, as well as a bit of violence. Adolf Hitler only continued to grow politically stronger, using the same tactics, and eventually became the huge power that we know him as today. For all of his violence and addiction to power, for all his will and determination, we can at least be thankful that Adolf Hitler was not as subtle as some of today's world leaders.

In modern America, for example, it is considered a fact of life that campaign promises made by politicians, by and large, lies. While politicians may genuinely intend to follow out with their campaign promises, they very often end up leaving those promises by they wayside. Whether intentional or not that is a manipulation of the people while rising to power, much as Hitler manipulated fellow Nazi party members on his way to leading the party. Then, when politicians are in power it often seems they get a hold of power and work only for themselves, only to gain more power, especially in the form of money.
One only needs to look at the number of financial political scandals to understand that money is powerful, and a source of power. Take, for instance, the very recent revelation that President Barack Obama gave political jobs to those who funded his presidency campaign, and while that may not be illegal it certainly has an air of suspicious dealings. One must also consider the fact that in America it is now legal to tap phone lines when one is considered to be working with terrorists, though there is no necessity to disclose why or how the consideration came about. Even in America, the land of the free, there are an uncomfortable amount of similarities between Hitler's ways and the ways of the world leaders, though now it's become frighteningly more subtle.

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